Highest Converting Funnels!

Our blueprint has evolved from within our own in house products. 

We have not only tested our own funnels across a variety of niches, but we continue to evolve conversions until we maximized for greater engangement and overall sales. 

Here are some of our very own funnels we have designed for our own campaigns:

In my humble opinion, copywriting is not necessarily about "selling" your audience products.

It's about taking them through a journey in which they are able to experience the energy of what they desire. 

As a presenter of this journey, you show them the amazing peaks and valleys of this new land that they are curious about. 

It is up to them to decide where to go, where their imagination takes them, the deeper desires they develop. 

We cannot create desires within our audience out of thin air. We can simply be the magical host that shows them the way towards that unique and amazing energy that they would like to follow. 

When we creat that worlf of energy... our auidence will naturally connect to it - if it is what they truly desire. 

From a strange little niche concept to a full force funnel:

We were able to create a funnel for Nadia's program "Twin Flame Secret" that was scalable from a low priced front end product to a back-end consulting upsell.



1 eCommerce Product - 1 Landing Page

Agilitiy is essential when launching either an online digital product or a ecommerce product. 

Having the ability to quickly create a landing page and a sales page, along with ads, banners, and all other necessary components, gaves us the agility to launch this upsell quickly - and keep things simple!

Whether you are using Kajabi or Clickfunnels, having your "go-to" teimplates, copywriting, and digital structure on the go gives you an edge... 

Or just having the right person that knows how to execute this quite well!

Don't forget the sales page!

Nothing beats Shopify for ecommerce with it's ease of use and dependability. 

We created our landing pages within Kajabi and decided to us Shopify for the check-out process for our ecommerce products. 

We also use this process through Kajabi but since we already had a Shopify store - we decided to implement both.

We do love Shopify for selling a whole variety of phsycal / ecommerece products. 

Your tribe deservers the best offers possible!

Since we built strong email lists around one type of product, we needed additional offers to pitch to our list, yet we did not want to present cheap offers. 

We decided to curate unique jewelry pieces that we knew our audience would love. 

How did we know our audiences would love these pieces? 

Because we asked them just what kind of jewerly they would love!

Then we et off to find it and quickly input these beautiful pieces into our back end shopify store.

The results?

We grew our sales exponentially - not just fro a digital program, but with upsells. 

The upsells including coaching... and yes, you gues it - it included uqnique curated gifts such as the ones you see here. 

And we even offered customized jewelery. 

It's simple - once you build a seamless process. With Kajabi - Shopify, this was a match made in heaving. 

Now, you don't necessarily have to do this, but it just shows the potential of what can be created when you have a unique little weird niche and you think nobody is going to buy. There is a way. 

My advice?

Get creative.

And make additional offers!

Did we pay surmountable amounts for traffic?


How did we do it?

It all started by building a tiny little blog in ONE specific focused niche with content that was so unique that people wante to find out more. 

They were craving for more!

We gave them more!

We created a simple optin-in page that would show up on our blog. 

And they opted-in to what?

A simple free ebook that gave them just the crucial information that they were looking for. 

We built a list this way, and made it all part of our marketing funnel.

Was it complex and difficult to do? 

No. Once we followed the natural progression of what our tribe wanted, we simply listened and gave the the best possible content that would give them the best possible results. 

The outcome?

Everyone was happy, and we grew our email list to thousands of sign-ups.

And to this day we contiue to grow this one little niche that is now quite popular and not so little any more.

We acomplished this in this area, and quite a few other niches as well!