Trending: Video

The same advertising you were using five years ago won’t work today due to the increasing preferences of users online. As video is expanding in appeal, those using internet video advertising and marketing are reaping the rewards. Yet, online video marketing is not what it used to be, simple video clips are being replaced with even more technically advanced advertisements, interactive video clip campaigns and more.

Digital marketing has no limits. It’s a powerful tool to connect to your audience, and even more powerfully when you are able to share a story that they can resonate to and even come to “represent” as they may share that story with friends via social mediums.

The right video can tell a powerful story and signify your targets ideas, hopes, and dreams.

Social media advertising is trending hot with video

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are utilizing social media to distribute storytelling content that makes a connection with their audience, all while list building, making sales, and developing relationships. Video advertising seems to be one of their strongest weapons at the moment.

   Image Centric Networks will be a Success

Consistent trends encountered the past years toward discussing through picture as well as video as opposed to text based material have been observed. Content that is visual will progressively end up being an essential item of any kind of solid material approach, as well as on social networks such as Pinterest will continue to lose its reputation as a ladies only network and end up being an integral part of retailers' advertising strategies.

     Variations in social media sites

Though sites such as Facebook, Twitter and linkedIn are some of the most prominent, networks such as Pinterest, Google plus and Instagram are on the rise as well. While a percentage of marketing professionals have actually asserted that social networks is an indispensable component of their advertising, the number of visitors to these social media networks will increase every year. This implies an increasing number of marketing professionals are profiting from this. They will seek to establish a significant presence on their own in the mentioned networks to build their brand and associate with prospective consumers.

Retargeting prospects

Over eighty percent of visitors to your website will leave without taking further actions such as subscribing or purchasing a product. Use applications to track site visitors after they leave your site. Using information gathered regarding the products and services they saw, retargeting will certainly remain to drive the promotion by showing these products to them once again via advertising campaigns showed throughout different internet sites.


As you can see, there are many ways to market to your audience. What video does, and new sophisticated programs such as retargeting is that it ties it all together. Video is the strongest visual medium there is. Retargeting has proven to be very powerful for campagins and actually bringing in dollars. And social media has many outlets where campaigns can be tested – don’t fall for the “this place is way better to advertise than everything else” mentality. Test, test, and test some more until you have found a social medium advertising platform where you can get the most ROI.

Through the coming months we will be doing our own internal case studies within our very own niches and will be sharing the results. We will show you what works, what doesn’t and what we are pursuing at the moment.

There is a lot of noisy out there when it comes to online advertising. Don’t fall for the hype. Pay close attention to case studies others have done but mainly, pay close attention to your own campaigns and all the results you get from them.