The one mistake eCommerce start ups make

 In the world of eCommerce a new entrepreneur can easily get lost within the shuffle, and the worst part is that when money is in the line, it can quickly put one out of business.
So what is the number one mistake most new eCommerce start ups and entrepreneurs make?

One can easily say that not having a clear vision is perhaps one of the tops mistakes, but lets go deeper, and redefine what that means. Having a clear vision is not just about being presentable and having a good story behind you, having a clear vision means making your customer understand what you are about and why they should be loyal customers instead of your website just being one of the many that they simply encounter when it comes to shopping. Standing out is easy once you have a clear plan, and you are always looking at that plan – not from your perspective, but from the perspective of your customer.

The tipping point in your business is when your customer takes out his wallet, pulls out his credit card and makes the purchase – not once but time after time.

Can you see your customer doing that? Here is an important question – what does that customer look like?

We all know that we must have a clear picture of who the customer is… but how may of that keep that fresh within out minds? Who is it that you are constantly marketing to?

I’m sure you already have a good idea of that persons age, race, location, education, financial background, social status, etc.

Knowing as much as possible about your customer is important not only so you can market and sell to them, but more importantly so you can deliver the optimal user experience.

Your customer wants may want to buy your product, yet they have so many questions (quite often subconsciously) that they want answered before making the first purchase – which is always the hardest one for them to make.

Here are some main concerns that they will have. Keep in mind that implementing these will do wonders to your conversion rates. It all comes down how well you implement them.

- Is the website trust worthy?

- Is this one of the best deals possible that I can get?

- Does this website offer all the different options (color, style, size, etc.) that I am looking for?

- Is this a website that I can recommend to my friends?

- If there are any issues, will I quickly be able to resolve them?

- Do many people buy from this website?

- Is this a website that is honest, ethical, and doesn’t take advantage of it’s workers or even customers?

These are some of the main questions that people often ask before making a purchase. The one draw back is that quite often they are left to answer their own questions. It would help greatly if you had a “Q&A” section in your website that would answer this and other questions in order to put any concerns at ease. And even going further, an extra step would be having a way to communicate with your customer. A new hot and exciting way that could easily be implemented is having a “chat” option in which customer can test you any questions and you can answer them right away. There are a few apps that can facilitate this process, some even being able to text you their questions to you phone, or the more traditional way – sending the questions to your computer.  I will soon review some of these apps that can easily be implemented into your business.

Keep in mind that customer experience will be the area that separates you from the big conglomerate eCommerce sites that most people flock to. There is a current shift where often times people want to try something new, they are willing to give the smaller guy a chance at business. Perhaps because they feel more connected, or they feel that the style and experience is more at their level, rather than buying from someone like Amazon or eBay.

Customer experience is an area that I will write more about soon – but not in the bland strokes that most websites advice, but rather I will give you key input that you can implement right away to make significant change in your eCommerce funnel. The sky is the limit, and having creativity, and testing your process goes a long way.

Remember to always break away from the pack and be just a little bit different, a little bit daring, and in the long run your customers will appreciate your originality. So yes, break away, build a blog, write some great content, deliver a great experience, and don’t just plaster your items on a site hoping that just the sales price and the pictures you offer will be enough.  There is so much that you can do. So go for it, the sky is the limit.

There is so much I can keep on writing about here, but for now, I’ll leave you with the ideas above for you to ponder and perhaps implement.

Remember, the sky’s the limit.